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Magic Memories

Magic Memories transforms the worldwide attraction photography business by creating unique and innovative photography experiences.

Magic Memories continues to increase customer revenue

Magic Memories exists to make people smile. We are passionate about creating once-in-a-lifetime moments at iconic attractions around the globe, and turning them into priceless memories. We continue to provide new, innovative and profitable ways to personalize our guests’ most exciting experiences, and have been doing so since 1995.

Our mission is to turn the worldwide memories business on its head by searching for problem statements and turning them into opportunities. Through our business model, we are able to increase total attraction yield and brand reach for our partners and continually improve guest participation.

We put a large focus on staying ahead of demographic and customer behavior trends. Right now, for example, we have witnessed a merging of both the Experience Economy (where guests value experiences and togetherness over material assets) and The Sharing Economy (where selfies and videos are almost omnipresent online). 

In order to relate to today’s consumers, we will continue to design engaging experiences that create unique, personalized content that guests will easily be able to consume and share – both digitally and via print.

And importantly, we will ensure we continue to keep our partners’ brand top of mind long after they have left.

We don’t fight trends, we ride them!


Innovation is in our DNA and pervades our entire approach. We love to innovate right across the guest journey – developing and integrating clever processes, products and technologies to extend each guest’s experience throughout their time at our partners’ attraction and long after they’ve gone home.

Innovation at Magic Memories is not the domain of just one team, it’s embedded within the depth and breadth of our business across all of the 10 countries we operate across our 180 different attractions.

By continually evolving the way we design our culture and products, we remain confident that our customer yield results are unmatched.

Browse our case studies, latest news or receive updates from our CEO, Chris Warhurst here.

Te Nuku Building Level 2 43 Ballarat Street Queenstown 9300 New Zealand

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Te Nuku Building, Level 2, 43 Ballarat Street, Queenstown, 9300 New Zealand

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