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Alcorn McBride Provides AV Equipment for Mexico’s Museo Naval

Alcorn McBride engineer, Joy Burke, earns PE certification

Alcorn McBride, the leading manufacturer of show control, audio and video equipment for the themed entertainment industry, has provided show controllers, lighting controllers and audio and video players for new exhibits at the recently reopened Museo Naval in Veracruz, Mexico.

Tecnologia EDD (TEDD) worked with museum designer Margen Rojo to install the technology required for the new exhibits and galleries.

Alcorn McBride Provides AV Equipment for Mexico’s Museo Naval

Alcorn McBride provided the following audio visual equipment:

  • Main floor control room:  A V16+ show controller, a DMX Machine, an 8TraXX for audio playback,  and five A/V Binloop HD for synchronous audio and video.
  • First floor exhibit space: 16 projectors and control room equipped with a V16+ show controller, DMX Machine, an 8TraXX and four AV Binloop HD’s.

Commenting on the project, Alejandro Altamirano, General Manager with TEDD, said, “We have been using Alcorn McBride equipment for a very long time.  We have a great deal of confidence and trust in it: We know we can just set it up and let it run for years with no maintenance.

“Alcorn McBride’s customer support has been great.  They’ve been involved with us from the beginning and have come in to offer training when we need it for new equipment.

“Renovating the Museo Naval has been a very big project.  We were proud to be part of it and happy to bring in Alcorn.  The client has been very pleased with the outcome.  We may be in line for another big job with them, and if that happens we plan to integrate Alcorn equipment once again.”

Alcorn McBride Provides AV Equipment for Mexico’s Museo Naval

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