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Amusement Advantage Boosts Michigan Science Centre’s Visitor Satisfaction by 90%


The Michigan Science Centre (MiSci) in Detroit has seen a surge in positive consumer feedback after acting on a report prepared by Amusement Advantage.

With limited funds to develop new exhibits, MiSci turned to Amusement Advantage in a bid to discover how they could improve their customer service.

“Although the vast majority of our guests reported ‘excellent’ through ‘satisfactory’ experiences, we were aware of a variety of issues that guests had at the Centre, ” commented COO John Anderson, who joined the museum’s Executive Team in early 2015.

“The question was, where to put the bulk of our modest resources: updates to physical exhibits, or strengthening our live programmes.”

To find out, MiSci asked Amusement Advantage to perform its Public Feedback Analysis programme. The company collected data from TripAdvisor and Yelp and compared the MiSci’s reviews with online feedback retrieved from five of the museum’s competitors during the same time period.

“We don’t just look at the attraction’s overall rating or the number of dots that the guest gives. We go deeper, ”  says Joshua Liebman, Amusement Advantage’s Director of Business Development. “Through our system, we have the ability to take a subjective comment and convert that into quantifiable, actionable data.”

In response to the findings, MiSci set up a new “public interaction” initiative which included redeploying staff within the facility and positioning them strategically in areas that Amusement Advantage identified as “hotspots” for complaints. They were briefed to address issues before they arose, and were equipped with tools to provide “wow moments” to guests, in an aggressive move to maximise the museum's most popular features.

Amusement Advantage Boosts Michigan Science Centre's Visitor Satisfaction by 90%Finally, MiSci began collecting more feedback from guests, a direct recommendation from the analysis. As a result, there was a large shift in how guests communicated their feedback.

In just three months, the new measures had prompted a 90% increase in positive service-related comments.

Anderson said he was thrilled with Amusement Advantage’s detailed analysis:

“Since guests are happier, they are staying at the museum longer, participating in more experiences, and seeing the value in all we have to offer. Since October, we’ve broken our single-day attendance record and maintained the quality and value of the Michigan Science Centre experience.

"The work that Amusement Advantage did has had a direct impact on our business, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”

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