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Grand Palais & the Louvre present immersive Mona Lisa digital light show

Immersive Mona Lisa

A new immersive art experience is coming to France, following a collaboration between the Louvre and the Grand Palais in Paris. Based on Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic Mona Lisa, the show will open at the Stock Exchange Palace in Marseille in March 2022 and will run until August 2022.

The Mona Lisa, or La Joconde in French, is one of the most famous works of art in the world and holds a unique fascination for audiences. As the Grand Palais’ website says:

“She wears the most emblematic smile in the history of art: commented, stolen, copied, diverted, La Joconde is a planetary icon that has fascinated for nearly four centuries. Beyond false mysteries and clichés, what does this portrait of the Mona Lisa reveal to us? Why is this painting the most famous in the world?”

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Exploring the Mona Lisa like never before

The new interactive and sensory experience takes guests back in time as they explore the painting in greater detail, looking at the work of the artist during the Renaissance and finding out how the Mona Lisa gained such a reputation. It features large-format projections and six thematic spaces, allowing visitors to get closer to the painting than ever before.

The six themes are The Mona Lisa, a universal icon; We stole the Mona Lisa; The Mona Lisa, copied, never equalled; The Mona Lisa and the art of portrait; The underside of the work and A painter and his model.

The Louvre’s chief curator of 16th century Italian painting, Vincent Delieuvin, is the show’s scientific advisor. Digital production is by Mardi8 and Artisans d’idées.

Immersive artainment experiences continue to be a huge trend. Last year, Meow Wolf opened a new location in Denver, while this year will see the opening of Arcadia Earth in New York and a new digital art gallery in the UK.

Photo © Mardi8, Artisans d’idées

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