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$800m Humboldt Forum museum complex opening in Berlin

The $800m Humboldt Forum, housed in the reconstructed Berlin Palace, has opened to the public today (July 20) in Berlin, Germany.

humboldt forum berlin

The Humboldt Forum is opening with special exhibitions that include ‘Terrible Beauty: Elephant. Human. Ivory’ and ‘Have a Seat!’ – an exhibition designed for children.

“We have been working towards this moment for a long time, and I am looking forward to seeing how our exhibitions are received, and also to our collaborations in turning this site into a vibrant forum,” said Hartmut Dorgerloh, general director of the forum.

“Two storeys, six exhibitions, and a number of forthcoming arts programmes: the Humboldt Forum is taking shape, with visitors and artists from across the city, and soon – we hope – from across the world,” Dorgerloh added.

Inaugural exhibitions at the Berlin museum complex also include ‘After Nature’ and ‘BERLIN GLOBAL’, and a programme of exhibitions and cultural events will follow in the coming months. These range from art installations and projections to tours and lectures.

They also include collections from the Ethnological Museum and the Asian Art Museum, which are set to open on September 22. The museums will feature more than 20,000 exhibits from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

Art installations, tours and lectures in Berlin

“Visitors can look forward to a unique exploration of the past and present cultures of Africa, America, Asia and Oceania,” said Lars-Christian Koch, director of Ethnological Museum and Asian Art Museum.

“Our exhibition of collections from the two museums will occupy almost 14,000 square metres over the second and third floors – more than any other of the Humboldt Forum’s partners.”

In addition, free permanent displays include ‘Palace Cellar’, ‘Sculpture Hall’, and ‘Video Panorama’. ‘Palace Cellar’ takes visitors to the cellar of the original Berlin Palace, while ‘Video Panorama’ is a multimedia presentation depicting the history of the site.

“Today is a tremendous day for Berlin,” said Michael Müller, governing mayor of Berlin. “With the opening of the Humboldt Forum, our capital city is gaining a new centre of attraction.

“Its impressive dimensions, its aesthetic, and its views to the urban landscape… all these set a whole new standard,” Müller added.

Images: The Humboldt Forum

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