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Lazenby Design – Dinosaurs Come Alive at Germany’s Gondwana Praehistorium


Visitors to an exciting new exhibit at Germany’s Gondwana Praehistorium witness a terrifying encounter between giant Cretaceous period dinosaurs, in an epic struggle for survival. Set within a vast prehistoric landscape with a dramatic soundtrack and stunning special effects, the massive computer controlled robots can actually walk, run and behave with highly lifelike, dynamic and interactive movements.

Said project Creative Director, David Lazenby,   “At 20m (66ft) long and with a wide range of sophisticated movements, including the ability to rear up on her back legs to a height of a five storey building, our Titanosaur is certainly the most realistic animatronic dinosaur you are likely to see.”

gondwana time travel

The giant spectacle is part of a major new 65 million year journey through the story of mankind’s evolution after the extinction of the dinosaurs. Visitors time-travel through twelve fully immersive environments from steamy swamps, through to the rainforests and savannahs of Africa. Guests encounter a mammoth hunt in the Ice Age and meet Cro-Magnon cave dwellers. The journey continues through scenes of ancient and historical cultures, including the Bronze Age, an Egyptian temple; they witness a medieval battle and discover an ancient Mayan ruin with Renaissance explorers. An atmospheric scene from the industrial revolution and an astronaut’s spacewalk from the international Space Station highlight the development of technology and the height of human endeavor.

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Three years in the making, British company Lazenby Design Associates designed and Art-Directed the environments and supporting interpretive exhibits for the project. Based in Yorkshire, Lazenby Design Associates design, plan and project manage natural science, cultural heritage exhibits, habitats and environments for international leisure attractions, museums, zoos and aquariums.

The new chapter in the story of our planet is a €10 million, 4500m2  second phase development of the Gondwana Praehistorium attraction, which was first opened by ex US Vice-President, Oscar winner and Nobel Laureate environmentalist, Al Gore in 2008 and was also designed by the Lazenby team.

Contact – David Lazenby, Creative Director, Lazenby Design Associates

Email:   Telephone: +44 (0)1943 850101

maya diorama

gonwana medieval soldiers

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