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MoFE announces immersive Liminality show for new venue in New York

The Museum of Future Experiences (MoFE) has announced an immersive show called Liminality for its new venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

museum of future experiences mofe

The Museum of Future Experiences (MoFE) is putting on an immersive audiovisual show called Liminality when it reopens in its new location in Brooklyn on June 11, 2021.

Liminality is a ‘dreamlike journey into the liminal realm’, with curated virtual reality (VR) and original soundscapes via the only permanent Ambisonics sound system in NYC.

“Liminality is a visceral sonic experience that employs loud noises,” the MoFE website warns. “It touches on adult themes such as violence, sex, and death.”

“Themes such as violence, sex, and death”

museum of future experiences mofe

Described as a “technologically-induced head trip”, MoFE’s Liminality is an anthology of stories that unravel like an unearthly dream, inviting visitors to follow a mystifying voice into the dark unknown.

Liminality is a seated experience and includes three curated works of VR. Live-Giver was created by Petter Lindblad and Alexander Rönnberg, while Conscious Existence comes from Marc Zimmerman.

Mind Palace was written and directed by Carl Krause and Dominik Stockhausen and produced by Malte Stehr. The technical lead was Nikolai Maderthoner.

MoFE is an immersive, multi-sensory experience that uses immersive theatre, psychology, VR, and the psyche of visitors, who will “reflect on the subconscious and feel the overwhelming thrill of having a hole bored through your head”.

MoFE uses immersive theatre and VR

MoFE also utilises a state-of-the-art Ambisonics speaker system, which creates a 360-degree sphere of sound effects, music and voices around the listener.

Liminality features four original soundscapes created by MoFE, with original compositions by Disasterpeace, Dave Harrington, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Chrome Canyon, Lea Bertucci, DEBIT, and Andrew Fox.

“Sometimes escaping reality is the only way to reckon with it,” said MoFE. “When so much has changed and so much remains uncertain, Liminality provides a catharsis and restoration.”

“Like the tornado that pulled Dorothy into Oz, Liminality invites guests to follow a mysterious voice into the dark unknown in pursuit of the light on the other side.”

Images: MoFE

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