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Museum of London seeks design consultancy for new visual identity

museum of london west smithfield

The Museum of London is looking for a consultancy to develop a new visual identity that goes beyond a logo and breaks the mould of current museum brands ahead of its move to West Smithfield in 2024.

The new visual identity must reflect the museum’s ambitions of being a shared place, enriching the understanding and appreciation of London and Londoners.

It will need to reflect the ambitions of the new site, as well as the transformative ambitions of the Museum of London Docklands, which remains at its location in West India Quay.

The Museum of London (MoL) wants to work with the best design talent, and the partnership will result in an innovative identity that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

MoL looks for innovative approaches to visual identity

museum of london west smithfield
Secchi Smith

The attraction is particularly interested in start-ups and SMEs taking up the brief, individually or in partnership. However, it will consider all innovative approaches to developing the brand identity.

The museum’s head of communications, Andrew Marcus, said: “Our ambition is to create a shared place in the middle of it all where all the city’s stories cross and collide.

“One of the ways we will achieve that is by building a physical new museum in West Smithfield, currently one of the largest cultural projects in Europe.”

“Another is reimagining what it means to be a museum,” he added. “Our existing visual identity has served us well, but our research tells us it does not reflect our vision for the future.

‘Superb new brand strategy created with Londoners’

museum of london west smithfield
Secchi Smith

“We have a superb new brand strategy created with Londoners. We now seek a creative partner who will work collaboratively with the museum team and with Londoners to design a new visual identity ready for when the new Museum of London opens in 2024.”

The City Corporation’s Planning and Transportation Committee previously approved plans for the new £300 million Museum of London at West Smithfield.

Full details are available here, and submissions due by 12pm on September 16, 2020.

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