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National Gallery creates interactive pop-up store in China

National Gallery pop-up store in Guangzhou, China

The National Gallery is continuing its strategic move into the Asian market, after an interactive pop-up store in Guangzhou, China, attracts 150,000 visitors.

The National Gallery branded pop-up store was located in the Grandview mall, Guangzhou over four days. It took up 200 sq. metres of the building’s 4th floor atrium, and featured interactive installations allowing visitors to view replicas of famous works.

Works included art from Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Raphael. Artist-inspired room sets allowed visitors to learn more about the art and artists.

Exhibits included an interactive projection inspired by with Monet’s The Water-Lily Pond. Visitors could create and download 360° GIF of themselves with Seurat’s Study for ‘La Grande Jatte’.

The pop-up also featured a replica of Van Gogh’s bedroom in Arles.

150,000 customers visited the pop-up store, where they could also purchase merchandise.

Visitors who received over 30 likes on social media were able to claim a free National Gallery mug.

The National Gallery’s 5 year strategy hopes to increase the number of Chinese visitors to the National Gallery in London to 1 million. Through its licensing programme, the National Gallery Company hopes to generate 200-300 million brand impressions.

National Gallery moves into Asia

In August, The National Gallery begun its 5-year plan to enter the Chinese market with a takeover of Shanghai Metro Station.

The Shanghai Metro takeover was part of the brand’s entrance into the Chinese market. The campaign marks the start of a 5-year project to build brand awareness and licencing revenue in China.

The gallery highlighted some of its most famous artworks on a 30 metre long advertising panel. The panel was named ‘Cultural and art corridor’. The advertising panel was located in Shanghai Metro station, and included works by Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Monet.

Earlier this year, The National Gallery opened a cafe in Seoul, South Korea, branded to its Delicious Art IP.

The cafe features replica artworks including works by Degas, Monet and Van-Gogh. It also sells art-inspired produce and merchandise.

Another is due to open soon at the L7 Hotel.

Expanding presence in China

Yizan He, CEO of Alfilo Brands comments: “As the exclusive licensing partner of the National Gallery Company in Greater China, we’ve completed various innovative projects in 2018 such as showcasing masterpieces and licensed products of the National Gallery in the Shanghai metro station in June 2018 – the first ever for any western museum.

In November 2018, we opened the first experience-based pop-up National Gallery store in Guangzhou. In 2019, we will launch the National Gallery online flagship store on one of the largest online retail platforms – TMall. On top of online retail, we will offer more quality National Gallery licensed products to Chinese consumers in our Museums and Galleries Collection store in Shanghai. More products are in the pipeline including content and learning programs for children. We are excited to further expand the National Gallery presence in China.”

Judith Mather, Buying and Merchandising Director at the National Gallery Company comments: “I am very excited about the continued development of the activity in China and the launch of the National Gallery online retail platform through TMall. This is a great step in our international strategic ambition.”

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