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Onedome announces LMNL – an immersive museum experience


Onedome, the company behind mixed-reality art experience the Unreal Garden, has announced details of its next immersive experience, LMNL.

Due to open on Saturday December 22, LMNL hopes to inspire visitors in a 60 minute, open flow experience.

Onedome Chief Marketing Officer Leila Amirsadegh said: “With The Unreal Garden, we were literally changing the art gallery experience for the 21st century and with LMNL, we are looking to change the way people explore museum installations by making them a part of the experience. We are hoping to inspire child-like moments, group conversations and social media shared experiences through the immersive and engaging environment.”

The Unreal Garden was an experiential space in San Francisco. It showcased nine art installations from ten artists. Guests could become immersed in the artwork as they moved around the space, seeing it from all angles and interacting with key components.

LMNL, named after the phonetic spelling of LIMINAL, features 14 interactive installations spread out over 10,000-square-feet. 11 leading new media and visual artists from around the world have worked on the project.

LNML Curator & Creative Producer, Becca Dakini said: “You’ll find the artwork reacts to you and allows you to interact with it — almost as if by magic. Once inside LMNL, each visitor is on a journey of curiosity, contemplation and collaboration that pushes the evolution of technology, art and human connection.”

In the “Kinetic Infinity Room,” (pictured) guests are presented with an LED mirrored room that appears to go on forever, while responding to movement with light and sound.

An installation called “Fluid Structures” allows visitors to explore walls made of digital water, appearing inside of the installation as a water version of themselves.

In the “Funky Forest”, participants explore a digital forest ecosystem featuring a digital waterfall that’s path can be moved around the room with logs.

Image courtesy Onedome via Twitter

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