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Sigourney Weaver Narrates Nat Geo/Sky-Skan Immersive Film – Asteroid: Mission Extreme


National Geographic Studios and Sky-Skan have launched a new full dome adventure, ASTEROID: MISSION EXTREME, narrated by Hollywood star, Sigourney Weaver.

The film, already playing in full dome theatres worldwide, will be arriving in digital 2D, 3D and flat screen cinemas early next year.

ASTEROID: MISSION EXTREME takes audiences on an epic journey to explore the possibility of harnessing asteroids to enable exploration into deep space.

Jeff Hasler, EVP, Production and Development at National Geographic Studios, commented, “Sigourney Weaver is the ideal guide for this immersive trek across our Solar System, which spotlights the wonders and possibilities of science and will inspire a new generation of space explorers.”

Based on real science, ASTEROID: MISSION EXTREME employs state-of-the-art graphics and spectacular images to investigate the widely held belief that asteroids could be used as stop-offs for spacecraft on journeys to Mars and beyond.

Steven Savage, Sky-Skan president said, “There is little content in the world that matches the quality offered by this unique film experience, using 8k resolution at 60 frames per second.”

ASTEROID: MISSION EXTREME was written by Annette Sotheran-Barnett, Mose Richards and Rick Adams, and produced and directed by Annette Sotheran-Barnett (To Space & Back). Executive producers are Jeff Hasler, Brooke Runnette, and Steven Savage.

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