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Towering Cutting-Edge Attraction The Giant Debuts at IAAPA Expo


The Giant, a ground-breaking new attraction featuring the world’s largest moving sculpture, will be unveiled at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2015 on 17th November.

Dubbed “The Visitor Attraction for the 21st Century”, the 10-storey high androgynous figure is embedded with thousands of LED pixels which can transform into almost limitless real-life and abstract images.

Visitors can even be scanned to appear on the Giant in the world’s largest selfie.

The state-of-the-art attraction is the brainchild of Irish entrepreneur Patrick Dunning, CEO of The Giant Company Limited. The first Giant is already under development in Berlin and is scheduled to open in 2017.

“We are working with city governments around the world and expect to establish twenty Giants over the next decade, ” says Dunning. “While each Giant will offer an original experience there will be an interconnection between our family of Giants and with the aid of new technologies they can communicate with each other creating real time global events.”

Towering Cutting-Edge Attraction The Giant Debuts at IAAPA Expo

The Giant’s plinth is a 10, 000ft² exhibition space housing The Giant Experience – the central theme being “To Awaken The Giant In You”. Visitors will encounter giants from mythology and ‘giants’ from more recent times such as inventors, scientists, musicians, writers, artists, celebrities, athletes and other extraordinary individuals. The sculpture also features a viewing platform where guests can literally stand on the shoulders of a giant.

“The Giant embodies characteristics of both a visitor attraction and a cultural organisation, ” comments Director of Development, Eric Fraad. “It resonates with the spirit of the times and expresses cultural, societal and business themes that are current today. It’s monumental, educational and thrilling.”

Berlin-based experience architecture and strategic branding company, dan pearlman, are collaborating with The Giant Company Ltd. to design, build and market the attraction.

The official unveiling of The Giant takes place at a press conference at the IAAPA Attractions Expo at 3:00 PM, 17th November 2015 in Room N230B.  Contact for details.

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