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EyeClick’s Virtual Gaming System BEAM Wins Gold in China

Eyeclick's Virtual Gaming System BEAM Wins Gold in China

Leading technology company, EyeClick, has scooped the Gold award at China’s 7th annual Popular Science Products Fair for its BEAM virtual gaming system.

BEAM combines projectors with motion sensors and interactive functionality to create what the company calls a ‘virtual playground’.

The Popular Science Products Fair is one of the biggest tech and science fairs in China. In fact, more than 400 specialist companies are represented from over 20 countries worldwide.

EyeClick was praised during the ceremony for its commitment to ‘global sales strategy’ and ‘award winning technology’.

“We’re thrilled by the results,” reported Ariel Almos, CEO and founder of EyeClick. “We’re honoured to receive this prestigious award and recognition in our company as a pioneer in interactive display technologies.”

BEAM uses a state-of-the-art projection screen combined with dual motion sensors to turn a normal floor into an outdoor play space. Through a wide range of fun games, the system encourages social play combined with plenty of physical activity.

What’s more, the company’s offering caters to diverse tastes and age groups. Games include highly-active competitive sports games as well as energetic collaborative games. Equally, younger audiences can enjoy everything from colourful patterns to educational preschool scenarios.

The award marks BEAM’s swift rise from a 2005 tech product to a globally recognised brand. This is thanks in no small part to EyeClick’s worldwide marketing efforts. The company has installed thousands of BEAM game systems across 80 different countries, with many more in the pipeline.

Clients include major names such as McDonald’s, Virgin, Burger King, Verizon, IKEA and Samsung.

“We want to promote BEAM to as many markets as possible,” confirmed Almos. “The way we see it, children are the same everywhere you go. They all want to have fun. And, BEAM makes that happen in a unique way.”

EyeClick is based in Israel and the US.

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