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Clip ‘n Climb introduces new Champion’s Serie

Gyms, malls, FECs and more will be able to recreate the Olympic disciplines with three new walls

Clip 'n Climb Champion's Serie

Clip ‘n Climb, an international leader in the fun climbing market, has announced the launch of Champion’s Serie, a new set of fun climbing walls that aims to broaden the activity’s appeal, attracting new audiences as well as keeping existing fans coming back for more.

The release is also timed to make the most of the increased enthusiasm around climbing that is expected, following the sport’s inclusion at the Olympic Games for the first time in 2021.

With the Champion’s Serie, gyms, malls, FECs and more will be able to recreate the Olympic disciplines with three new walls: Lead, Bouldering and Speed Climbing.

Creating a buzz around climbing

With the Lead wall, participants are challenged to see who can climb the highest, with a difficulty level that gets harder the higher they reach, with a gold medal up for grabs when they reach the top.

Meanwhile, the Boulder wall is a shorter course that helps to build strength and allows climbers to pass bronze, silver and gold levels of challenge. Here, they are not attached but are kept safe by a thick foam bouldering mat.

The Speed wall lets climbers challenge themselves to improve their times, to compete with others to be the fastest to the summit. This type of wall can be equipped with Trublue Speed AutoBelays, for fast retraction.

Broad appeal

The Champion’s Serie will appeal to a wide range of people, from children over four to teenagers and adults. It can also be used for team-building activities. The fact that climbers can compete and be challenged will encourage repeat visits, as they strive for bronze, silver and gold levels.

In addition, there is also scope for spectator involvement. Operators can also take advantage of a video option, creating a viewing area where spectators can see live-streamed events, and climbers can watch their efforts in playback. The screen can even be used to show real Olympic and World Cup events.

The full set up includes two Speed walls, a Boulder wall and a Lead wall and can host a minimum of 12 visitors with a footprint of 50 square metres. It can be added to an exiting Clip ‘n Climb arena or used to form a standalone attraction. The company is also helping operators to promote the products by providing posters, t-shirt designs, signage and medals.

Clip ‘n Climb recently announced a structural reorganisation that will result in its New Zealand-based activities moving to a central Clip ‘n Climb hub in the UK.

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