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Fun Spot presents interactive SmartClips

New tool allows operators to easily add interactive element to active entertainment

Smart Clips Fun Spot

Fun Spot, a leading designer of indoor leisure parks around the world, is expanding its interactivity portfolio with the launch of SmartClips, a new tool for adding an interactive element to active entertainment, from group activities like parties and classes to its popular Fun Spot Ninja and Ropes courses.

SmartClips are an easy and affordable way for operators to add something new, encouraging more engagement and repeat visits by introducing an element of competition.

Fun Spot SmartClips


These clips can easily be attached to any part of a centre’s equipment, where they are triggered by touch, either with an item of sports equipment or with a part of the body. The sensors can also be activated remotely and the trigger distance adjusted as appropriate.

Each package includes eight SmartClips as well as a tablet with the SmartClips app installed. There are many fun ways that an operator could introduce them to an FEC or leisure centre, for instance by creating a speed contest within a Ninja course or providing checkpoints for a parkour or obstacle course.

SmartClips Fun Spot

The equipment is simple to attach as each clip comes with two magnets and a velcro strip, meaning they can be placed on many different types of equipment and allows operators to create and change different set-ups quickly.

This new product uses an advanced wireless system to give immediate feedback in the form of LEDs and sounds and each clip can be configured to its own pattern of lights, sounds and duration. Individual scores are tracked on the tablet and operators can either create new courses or use a selection of pre-programmed ones within the app.

Last year, blooloop spoke to Bill Wild, CEO of Fun Spot, Gina MacKay, Architectural Project Manager at Fun Spot and Antonio Pirruccio, COO of EP Centers about the company’s new dedicated sales organisation, Fun Spot EMEA.

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