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MediaMation presents SafeTSeat and announces new project at the Ark Encounter

SafeTSeat MediaMation

MediaMation Inc., a leader in immersion entertainment technology, has announced SafeTSeat, a protective device designed for public seating.

MediaMation Inc. is pleased to present SafeTSeat, an innovative protective device that helps cinemas, auditoriums, arenas and more to keep a safe distance between guests, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The patent-pending SafeTSeat is a clear plexiglass safety “wing” which can be strapped to any existing seat, from 18. to 32 inches wide, keeping groups of visitors separate from others without impairing the view.


The transparent SafeTSeat makes sure that specified seats stay empty so that operators can guarantee a safe level of social distancing, without impacting on the immersive experience or creating a feeling of confinement. It also includes a cup holder on each side, providing a protected area for visitors’ food and beverages.

It has a universal mounting method that can be used for nearly all seats. The SafeTSeat is durable and height-adjustable. This flexible solution can be used for any configuration of group or individual seating. In addition, the easy lock system. and adjustable straps means it is portable and easy to use.

MediaMation Ark Experience

VR Truth Traveller

MediaMation has also partnered with media developer Groove Jones to produce a new VR attraction at the Ark Encounter called Truth Traveller.  This 48-seat fully immersive VR motion attraction has 12 individual bays with a MediaMation MX4D four-seat motion and EFX bench in each bay, operating as separate mini-attractions to maintain a high throughput.

Ark Experience MediaMation

During the 10 minute experience, visitors travel to Noah’s Ark in VR while enjoying a full range of synchronised motion and 4D effects.

Earlier this year, MediaMation also teamed up with Funimation Films to show a new anime film in MX4D immersive motion format. Together, the two companies presented My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising at over 1000 MX4D equipped venues across the US, Canada and the UK.

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