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Mini dry snow park proposed for Gold Coast, Australia

Gold coast mini snow park

A mini dry snow park with slopes and and a go-kart track has been proposed for the Gold Coast, Australia, just metres away from Surfers Paradise beach.

The developers, Snow Parks (Gold Coast) Pty Ltd, will see their proposals put to the council this week. The Gold Coast Bulletin reports that they hope to use the mini snow park as a springboard to creating a larger ski park at Mudgeeraba.

General manager of Snow Parks Australia, Matt McCulloch, said the mini-park on the tourist strip would act as a “proof of concept” that the idea could work on the Gold Coast.

If approved by the council, the park could open as early as next month – McCulloch claims.

He explained: “This will showcase everything the main park we want to build would have to offer.”

“It will be unique in the world and a family friendly activity.

“Our goal is for people to be able to say ‘let’s go skiing on the Gold Coast’.”

The 3000 sqm site will  include three ramps for a “tubby slide”, “tubby jump” and “freestyle” tests and a go-kart track.

The tubby slide and freestyle ramps will stand at 6m high while the tubby jump, which will include a large inflatable airbags for users to land on at its base, will be 12m tall.

The park will use Nevaplast material – a synthetic material that replicates the feel of snow. The go-kart track will use this material to give drivers the feel of driving the small battery operated kart on ice.

The attraction is planned for the block next to King Tut’s Putt Putt. It will go before councillors in coming weeks.

Image: Gold Coast Snow Park

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Michael Mander

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