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365Tickets USA announces partnership with Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures 365 ticketing USA partnership

The collaboration with Urban Adventures will provide global distribution of Urban Adventures’ “off the beaten track” urban tour offerings.

Urban Adventures takes a more quirky, individual take on the concept of the city tour.  It takes small groups of travellers well off the well-beaten track of many tours. The focus is on experiencing a city on a deeper level, bringing in less obvious options alongside the famous icons.  Travelers also get to experience authentic interactions with the local people and their culture.

Urban Adventures logoTours range from a short, two-hour visit, to a full day adventure.  The guides are always locals, with a thorough and even offbeat knowledge, of their patch.

Urban Adventures runs in the obvious U.S. tourist destinations such as New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami.  However it also encompasses less obvious cities such as Detroit, Cincinnati, Houston, Denver and Burlington.  The aim is to appeal beyond the average tourist to destination seekers and locals who want to discover a more unusual side to their home city.

“Urban Adventures is really an ideal addition for us,” says Dino Cappello, president of online ticket provider 365Tickets USA. “We have several fantastic sightseeing tours on our site but this collection of tours includes activities and stops that only a local would know about.”

Urban Adventures 365 ticketing USA partnershipHe says that 365Tickets USA looks for companies that complement their goals. Urban Adventures fits the bill perfectly.  “We strive to offer our customers great value,” he says, “and occasionally introduce them to something they might not have previously considered.  For example, the Manhattan tour includes the Hamilton Happy Hour and Tenements, Tales and Tastes Tour which make a visit to New York fascinating even if you’ve been a hundred times.”

365Tickets USA currently offers tickets to over 1,900 attractions.  It plans to offer tickets and special packages to over 2,500 attractions by the end of 2017.  The company focuses on offering a streamlined, on-line ticketing experience, making it simple to arrange a multitude of activities either in advance or “on the fly”.

Urban Adventures is a division of Intrepid Travel.  It runs experiences in 161 cities in 95 countries, using 1,184 local guides.  It covers 14 cities in the U.S.

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