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attractionsTECH at ISE 2019: agenda – VR, Immersivity and AI. Book now!

attractionsTECH by Blooloop at ISE

On Friday February 8th at the ISE Show in Amsterdam, Blooloop will hold its first AttractionsTECH conference. This half-day event will see leading technologists highlight how technology is impacting the world of visitor attractions.

Speakers will consider how future technologies will drive the development of the rides, exhibits and attractions of tomorrow. They will also discuss their own work in the world’s theme parks, museums, zoos and aquariums.  The event is sponsored by digital imaging pioneer Digital Projection.

Digital Projection

The is the second collaboration between Blooloop and ISE (Integrated Systems Europe).  ISE hosts the worlds largest exhibition and conference for systems integrators next week at the RAI in Amsterdam.

The programme for attractionsTECH is here.

Tickets are available here


A virtual tour of the great works of art inspired by King David. KING DAVID. Tower of David. Credit. Naftali Hilger.3
Tower of David mapping, Digital Projection

The sessions at attractionsTECH are:

Martin HoweHow technology is transforming visitor attractions

Martin Howe, is the CEO of both Teq4 and Immersivity. Both companies specialise in creating immersive attractions. Martin will introduce the event with a look at how technology is transforming the world of visitor attractions. He will place attraction technology in the context of the broader world of rapidly developing technology and increasingly sophisticated customer expectations.

Some future concepts for projection

Dermot Quinn is the COO & CTO of Digital Projection. He will look at how projection technology is developing and allowing for increasingly more spectacular live events and visitor experiences.

Dermot Quinn Digital ProjectionHis session will take a look back at both the history and the present state of the Large Venue projector industry. He will also discuss the challenges facing manufacturers and some thoughts about where projectors can still offer a unique solution.

Dermot will also highlight two emerging technology concepts and exploring how they could add real value to visitor attraction installations. These are Multiview Technology and the potential of smaller projectors that are easier to install and operate.

Opportunities for inclusion

Matt Barton 7th Sense7thSense Design specialises in media serving for the attractions business. It’s CEO/MD, Matt Barton‘s session will be “Opportunities for Inclusion”.

Matt will look at opportunities to make the visitor attraction world more inclusive and accessible for those with differing needs. He will review experiences from the past, explore existing technologies and investigating some future concepts. He hopes to inspire ideas but also to demonstrate that designing for inclusivity can be more than a box ticking exercise. Furthermore, that, if done creatively, it can enhance the visitor experience for everyone.

Engaging the visitors of the future with image capture technology

Raphael de Borman PicsolveRaphaël de Borman‘s session is “Engaging the visitors of the future with image capture technology”.

Raphaël is an expert in capturing the perfect moment for guests. He will share his thoughts on the future of image capture technology.

He will also reflect on how the industry has changed over the years and how technology, our relationship with photography and social media, has changed the customer expectations.

After the break: VR, AI and a view from Europa-Park

Jora Vision alterface Interactive dark ride, Bazyliszek
Interactive dark ride, Bazyliszek

Virtual Reality: It’s not what you think it is

Bob Cooney -VR expert speaks at attractionsTECH by blooloop at ISE2019

Bob Cooney is one of the world’s leading experts in Location-based Virtual Reality. His session is called, “Virtual Reality: It’s Not What You Think It Is”.

Too many operators are looking at VR like it’s a checkbox on their equipment list.  That approach is due to a misunderstanding of what virtual reality really is. VR isn’t a type of attraction; it’s a display technology that comes with ultimate levels of immersive.  Bob will explain what VR really is, where it applies in the amusement sector today, and what it will likely disrupt in the near future.

How AI enhanced storytelling shapes the future of interactive experiences

Laurence Beckers AlterfaceBelgium’s Alterface is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of interactive attractions. Its Creative Director is Laurence Beckers. She will focus on how AI (artificial intelligence) is likely to become integral to the next generation of rides and attractions. Her session is, “How AI enhanced storytelling shapes the future of interactive experiences”.

More details of Laurence’s session can be found here.

Integration of technology and best practice in existing and new-built themed environments

Finally, Chris Lange, the Creative Director of Mack Solutions will highlight attraction technology from an operator’s perspective. Mack Solutions is the in-house creative and design department of Europa-Park, one of the world’s leading theme parks, with well over 5 million annual visitors.

Chris Lange Europa ParkChris will talk about the Integration of technology and best practice in existing and new-built themed environments. He will then outline the key role technology plays in current projects including Europa-Park´s eagerly anticipated new water park RULANTICA. Chris will also discuss the challenge faced by operators: the need to keep up with “the latest and greatest” technology.

After attractionsTECH, attendees and speakers will enjoy a networking lunch. This will give them an opportunity to further discuss matters raised during the sessions and network with industry peers.

Programme and Tickets

The programme for attractionsTECH is here.

For tickets click here.

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