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Bandai Namco reveals anime and video game VR theme park Mazaria

mazaria theme park vr

Bandai Namco has unveiled Mazaria, a new VR theme park based on video games and anime, opening at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Mazaria will open on July 12, and is made up of four zones – Festival Zone, Adventure Zone, Panic Zone and Sci-Fi Zone.

Attractions at Mazaria are mostly VR, and include escape rooms, skiing and fishing simulators, a zombie survival game, an immersive horror room, and much more.

The Festival Zone features an ‘Athletic VR Pac-Man Challenge’, ‘Giant Balloon Burst Room – Panic Cube’, ‘Taiko no Tatsujin VR Dadon’, and ‘Mario Kart Arcade GP VR’.

Adventure Zone includes ‘Dragon Quest VR’, ‘Steep Downhill Ski Simulator – Ski Rodeo’, ‘Fishing VR Gijiesta’, ‘VR Adventure – Rapid River’, ‘VR-AT Simulator – Armored Trooper Votoms Battling Dudes’, and ‘Hanechari (Winged Bicycle)’, which asks guests to test the limits of their courage.

In the Panic Zone, experiences are ‘Dinosaur Survival Run – Jungle of Despair’, ‘Extreme Courage Test Machine – The Big Fear of Heights Experience’, ‘Zombie Survival Game – Hardcall’, and ‘Immersive Horror Room – Hospital Escape Omega’.

Festival, Adventure, Panic and Sci-Fi

Sci-Fi Zone is made up of ‘Evangelion VR – The Throne of Souls: Berserk’, ‘Gundam VR Diver Attack’, ‘Godzilla VR’, and ‘Mass Destruction VR Shooting – Galaga Fever’.

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Escape rooms, simulators and survival games

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Mazaria day tickets cost 4,200 yen ($39) for adults and 2,700 yen ($25) for children.

Image: Mazaria

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