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Dronisos expands ongoing partnership with Parrot

Dronisos drone

Dronisos, a leading drone light show specialist, is expanding its partnership with European drone group Parrot, to explore new applications for the Parrot ANAFI drone platform.

Dronisos is pleased to announce that it is continuing its successful partnership with Parrot in order to look at new applications for drone flight automation using the Parrot ANAFI drone platform.

Dronisos creates sophisticated and entertaining drone light shows and has worked with clients such as Lancôme, Peugeot, FIFA, and Oreo. These shows call for cutting-edge drone flight automation to allow up to 1000 drones to perform choreographed movements, tricks and flight patterns.

ANAFI drone platform

Previously, the company has used Parrot Bebop and Mambo drones, with added lights, hardware and software. Now, the Parrot ANAFI drone platform will allow for advanced flight automation and synchronisation. It is also small and provides quiet flights with the latest security.

Drone Dronisos

“Parrot is a dream partner to help us bring to life spectacular displays of imagination through both their technology and appreciation for artistry,” says Jean-Dominique Lauwereins, CTO and Co-Founder of Dronisos.

“Now, Parrot’s ANAFI drone platform has both inspired and equipped our team to push the boundaries and take our drone swarm capabilities to new heights and new industries. In particular, the small size of the ANAFI prevents any physical harm and the highly secure connection ensures the safety and integrity of autonomous flights from potential hackers.”

Successful partnership

The two companies first worked together in 2016 when Parrot used Dronisos’ drone dances to launch the Bebop drone at CES.

This year, Dronisos broke the world record for the number of drones flying indoors at the same time, flying 200 Parrot Bebop 2 drones simultaneously. The show was sponsored by Cisco and Tim, and was created by a dispersed team during lockdown for the celebration of San Giovanni in Turin, Genoa and Florence.

“Dronisos has broken barriers and world records with their vision and engineering and our drone technology,” says Jerome Bouvard, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Parrot.

“We see the ways in which our professional and enterprise customers are using our drones and believe that through this next phase of our partnership we can showcase what else can be achieved to solve new challenges for inspections, surveying and mapping, security and defence industries.”

Last year, Dronisos announced the opening of its new office and training centre in Orlando, Florida.

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