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Endurescreens announces new product, the Micro-Pro-Screen

Endurescreens Micro-Pro-Screen

Endurescreens, a specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of world-class projection screens, has launched a new product called the Micro-Pro-Screen.

Endurescreens is pleased to present its latest development, the Micro-Pro-Screen, designed to improve image quality for high-end applications. This was first introduced in August 2020, at the International Planetarium Society Biennial Summit.

The Micro-Pro-Screen boasts higher brightness and higher resolution for better image quality from a lower viewing distance.

Setting a new benchmark

The specifications of the Micro-Pro-Screen are as follows:

  • Hole diameter nominal 0.8 mm
  • Nominal hole axis to axis 1.8 mm
  • Nominal void 16%

This new product has the smallest perforation of any screen within the industry, which works to increase the effective projection surface. This means that users can gain more brightness when compared to a standard screen. The large surface area also means that lower gain coatings can be considered, to increase the contrast ratio.

As the perforation on the panel is smaller, this leads to less black void (holes), so a larger surface area can be used for projection. Therefore, users can display more pixels on the screen for higher resolution.

The Micro-Pro-Screen also features Endurescreen’s signature seamless joints and custom
mini-screws and presents no difference in maintenance from its existing products. This latest product from the company helps to bring content closer to audiences for a more immersive experience and to make full use of limited space.

“We are so proud that our whole team stays passioned, committed to improvement and set a new benchmark in quality for our clients even during this difficult period of time,” says Lei Yin, Director Global Sales Endurescreens Hungary. Lei can be reached via email here

Earlier this year, the company also announced the appointment of Ronald Potgieter to the role of Project and Quality Control Manager, who has more than 15 years of industry experience and has worked in markets around the world.

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