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Epson smart glasses now integrated with TeamViewer Pilot

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Epson, the laser projection specialist, has announced that its Moverio smart glasses are now integrated with TeamViewer Pilot, in order to support augmented reality (AR) remote assistance.

Epson is pleased to announce that its innovative Moverio BT-350 AR smart glasses are now integrated with TeamViewer Pilot. This means that experts are now able to provide remote assistance, cutting out downtime and travel costs.

Moverio smart glasses allow live camera sharing as well as voice and on-screen annotations, meaning that organisations using them with TeamViewer Pilot can solve complex operations and resolve problems more quickly. This integration provides improved oversight, promoting safer work environments.

Remote assistance 

“The widespread adoption of smart glasses as the technology of choice for remote assistance is due to a number of factors, not least the convenience of working hands-free without the distraction of taking one’s eyes off the task in hand,” says Valerie Riffaud-Cangelosi, Epson Europe.  

“The Epson and TeamViewer partnership is an important step forward for the use of binocular smart glasses in remote assistance. The combination of TeamViewer’s highly flexible software combined with Epson unique projection technology gives users a practical, easy-to-use and very scalable remote assistance solution.”

“Organisations with large customer or field services teams are challenged to have the right person on site to solve immediate problems,” says Gautam Goswami, TeamViewer’s CMO and Head of Products. “Moverio smart glasses integrated with TeamViewer Pilot allow experts to be virtually onsite from anywhere in the world.

“This means that field workers and service technicians working on complex service, repair or operational problems can be assisted visually by remote experts while still having both their hands-free to execute guided instructions and resolve issues more quickly – thus greatly improving productivity and customer satisfaction.”

Centralised support

Using the system, experts will be able to provide remote support from centralised locations by connecting to a computer or mobile device. They will be virtually transported to the location of the issue, where they will be able to view what the person on the ground is seeing in real-time, thanks to Epson’s smart glasses.

They will have the ability to make AR annotations such as guiding arrows, free-hand drawing, sequence guidance and more. This will appear right on top of objects in the field of view of the person on site. This technology means that companies can create a ‘shared central intelligence’ framework. The system helps to reduce work disruptions caused by the shortage of a skilled workforce, as well as building a knowledge resource of visual documentation. 

Visual guidance

This fast real-time support is a useful addition to many workplaces, from remote electricity utility poles to wind turbines. Visual guidance is particularly effective with difficult problems or in loud environments.  Epson Moverio BT-350 smart glasses can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time and by many different people, thanks to their durability and ergonomic design.   

The binocular see-through display provides a wide field of view. The system overlays remotely communicated content where the user needs it most.  Unused display space also appears transparent due to Si-OLED microdisplay technology, meaning that augmented content can be overlaid onto the real world.

Epson also recently teamed up with British outdoor clothing and footwear brand, Berghaus, to create an immersive escape in the midst of the urban jungle that showcased the company’s latest collection.

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