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Holovis and KingJoy unveil Shanghai Innovation Center

holovis kingjoy shanghai innovation center

Holovis, a leading experience designer, has unveiled its new Innovation and Demonstration Center in Shanghai, along with its shareholding partner KingJoy. The five-floor complex will showcase Holovis’s emerging technologies and immersive environments.

Holovis is proud to announce the new complex, located in the heart of Shanghai. It will feature offices, innovation labs and development space for both companies, as well as serving to highlight Holovis’s innovative technologies for the entertainment, enterprise and simulation sectors.

For a high-tech experience, an AI-driven virtual concierge welcomes visitors in the lobby, which uses speech and facial recognition. The AI concierge recognises and greets visitors, summons their host, and escorts them to the main demonstration centre. Here, they can experience a selection of the specialist technologies developed by Holovis and KingJoy.

For example, guests in the demonstration area can view a Holovis HVR system. This is a free-roaming VR space, utilising lightweight computer backpacks to allow the user to explore huge virtual worlds. This system can be used in the entertainment sector, placing guests inside adventures. It also has applications for enterprise, as it allows engineering teams to visualise their data in 1:1 scale, and collaborate live with colleagues all over the world.

Holovis CAVE

Also at the new facility is a Holovis CAVE. This five-sided all-immersive environment brings data to life in holographic-style 3D without the need for headsets – each wall/surface features 3D volumetric projection. Users can view and interact with the environment and data, by wearing head-tracked glasses. This means they can work alongside colleagues in one virtual space.

The CAVE will also feature the latest RideView software. This is a proprietary Holovis product. It is used to visualize, simulate, analyse and test all aspects of a design. It allows for internal development of a project, as well as client reviews. The client can experience designs in 1:1 scale and in real-time, giving a highly realistic synthetic representation of the real world. This also gives the ability to virtually ride the attractions, ensuring optimum experiences for all guest profiles.

holovis kingjoy shanghai innovation center

The building will also provide space for test builds, for projects shipping from China. This means any issues can be identified and overcome before rollout and installation. Clients can also hold stakeholder meetings, project reviews and sign-off meetings at the facility. On the top floor, there is a networking space with panoramic views across the city, as well as a karaoke area. The centre will be managed using the latest Holovis HoloTrac software and hardware systems.

Continuing growth

Stuart Hetherington, CEO of Holovis explains: “Our operation in China has grown exponentially and having our joint Innovation Center with our partners at KingJoy gives us an amazing ability to demonstrate our solutions and capabilities to our China clients while continuing to rapidly grow our in-country teams. Alongside our partners KingJoy we are set to deliver a number of high-profile entertainment projects going live in 2020/21 ranging from flagship experiences in major theme parks to more regionalised educational entertainment hubs alongside new transportation networks.”

Frank Tsui, General Manager of KingJoy adds: “The Innovation Center is in one of China’s most prestigious locations, Shi Bei Technology Park where international top-notch high-tech companies in China are located. Having the Innovation Center in the heart of Shanghai enables us not only the best access to the neighbouring technology resources but also to offer the flagship client experience. Together with our partners at Holovis, we have become one of the largest and most diverse experiential and design solution providers in China and we are looking forward to welcoming our clients and partners to our new Center and continuing our growth and success.”

Holovis recently unveiled Cyborg, the final superhero to join the Justice League: A Call for Heroes experience at Madame Tussauds.

Both companies will be at IAAPA Expo Asia 2019, at booth #1632.

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