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John Wick Exclusive Screening Event at MediaMation’s MMX 4D Motion EFX Theater


John Wick, the latest Keanu Reeves action movie, is to be shown at MediaMation’s MMX 4D Motion EFX Theater with special events planned for the opening screening on Saturday October 25th 10am to 2pm.

Lionsgate Film’s John Wick Directors, Chad Stahleski and David Leitch, will be at the theatre from 11:30am for a Q&A session and to talk to the audience about the making of the movie and their thoughts on the new 4D format.   There will also be a Muscle Car Event as well as prizes of free tickets, T shirts and posters.

Offering an immersive experience that audiences can’t get at home the MediaMation MMX 4D Motion EFX Theater takes movie going experience to the next level.  Seats move in sync with the action and sound and there are in-theater effects including air, mist, scent, pokes, tickles and vibration in the seats.  

John Wick will be playing in 4D from October 24th to November 6th. Tickets are available at the theater on online at

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