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Make any screen interactive with MADGIX – a magic piece of kit


Alterface has partnered with MADGIX to offer a product that transforms existing non-interactive screens and spaces into vibrant play and gaming arenas. Set for its worldwide launch this month, the MADGIX ScreenPLAY Kit brings about a new level of interaction to cinemas and attraction venues.

The kit will be presented to industry representatives for the first time at the upcoming South by SouthWest Festival. The annual get-together in Austin, Texas, takes place from March 8 to 17. The MADGIX ScreenPLAY Kit will also make its debut at CinemaCon in Las Vegas and China Attractions Expo in Beijing. Both the latter events run from April 1 to 4.

Gamifying entertainment

MADGIX was created due to the growing interest in gamefication within entertainment concepts. Without modifying the screen or wiring it up, shooting-based interactive experiences can be offered to large audiences at any venue, including 4D theatres and cinemas. The ScreenPLAY Kit was established from Alterface’s proven and patented camera-based NOMAD (New Optimized Mobile Action Device) detection technology.

MADGIX offers smooth integration and operation. The interactive kit is easy to install and works well with the existing hardware and software of projection systems and motion seat providers.

Guests using MADGIX technology

Exciting market potential

“For the first time a multi-user interaction kit is available as open architecture,” says MADGIX managing director, Thibaut De Lestré. “We are very excited about the great potential this new solution offers to the various markets.”

The company is offering a flexible licensing system, thus supporting a broader variety in games and theming. The accompanying wireless pointing and shooting devices operate through advanced realtime detection technology. This facilitates a new level of game experience.

The laser impacts can be detected on any type of surface that can be seen by a camera: projection screen, front and rear, scenery, LED screens, fog screens, physical props. There are no restrictions on the motion and location of the players.

Furthermore, the wireless devices are able to conduct individual tracking of players. Through this, venue owners can come to understand and know their audience in the room via linking gun ID with loyalty cards or bonus systems.

The limited simplicity of the components inside the interactive device makes it an attractive solution in term of design possibilities, costs, reliability and sturdiness.

MADGIX – a new tool for preshow and branded project designers

“MADGIX ScreenPLAY Kit opens up such a world of opportunities,” says Benoit Cornet, Alterface CEO and founding president of MADGIX. “Content, format and gameplay can be adjusted to fit a venue’s infrastructure and audience. It’s fun and engaging, representing the ultimate pre-show tool to get the audience’s attention. As interactivity raises emotion levels, it is also ideally suited for brand activation and commercial messages.”

Based in Belgium, MADGIX uses intelligent interactive technologies to build immersive, fun projects. Founded in 2001, Alterface creates and develops end-to-end interactive mixed-media attractions including dark rides, interactive theatres and walk-through experiences.

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Owen Ralph

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