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MindTrek and Zero Latency to Open the Largest Multiplayer Free-Roam VR Gaming Arenas in the US

Zero Latency Virtual Reality Zombies

Zero Latency, the pioneer and global leader in free-roam, warehouse-scale, multi-player, virtual reality gaming, and MindTrek have announced plans for new VR arenas in the Greater Boston and Philadelphia area.

The new sites will be the largest multiplayer free-roam virtual reality game arenas in the US.

MindTrek has signed an area development deal with Zero Latency to open multiple arenas in and around Boston and Philadelphia.

The first virtual reality game arenas will open in Woburn, MA this summer and in Marlborough, MA this fall.  MindTrek will also open an arena in Philadelphia, PA before the end of this year,and plans are already underway to develop future arenas in 2018.

The Woburn and Marlborough sites will feature dual 2,000 square foot arenas, enabling MindTrek the flexibility to offer 2 different games or a single 4,000 square foot arena for a larger, even more epic free-roam experience.  These will be the only dual-arena facilities in the world and by far the largest free roam VR gaming facilities in the US and five times larger than any current free-roam VR gaming environment.

Zero Latency, Australia-based pioneer of free-roam VR gaming, will provide the technology for the attractions.  The company’s patent-pending motion tracking system enables teams of players wearing portable virtual reality gear to participate simultaneously in extremely immersive cooperative game experiences in a warehouse-sized space.

Zero Latency is the only company offering technology that can enable up to six players at a time to freely explore richly themed and hyper realistic game environments.  Upgrades later this year will extend this number to eight players.

MindTrek co-founder David Rzepski explains, “We were drawn to Zero Latency’s technology as they are the only company offering true free-roam gaming while accommodating more simultaneous players than anything else on the market.  They are so far ahead of the virtual reality curve that consumers are guaranteed an exhilarating and mind-blowing experience. Our arenas will excite gamers and non-gamers alike because there is simply nothing else like this.”

With no physical walls or obstacles, players can safely walk, explore, and fight their way through wildly different virtual terrains littered with virtual obstacles. The games currently available include “Zombie Survival” and a collaborative puzzle-solving game experience in “Engineerium”.  Zero Latency will continue to develop exciting new games for the arenas.

Bob Cooney, Zero Latency’s head of global business development says, “Zero Latency is pleased to work with the MindTrek founders, who have demonstrated a keen understanding of out-of-home entertainment through their previous ventures in the region.  These gentlemen have the vision to recognize that Zero Latency is going revolutionize location-based entertainment and they have stepped up to be first-movers in these markets.”

“Our high-level virtual reality gaming destinations will fill a big hole in out-of-home entertainment,” says MindTrek co-founder David O’Connor. “The amusement industry as a whole focuses on young kids and birthday parties, whereas Zero Latency is focused squarely on premium entertainment experiences for millennials.”

“Zero Latency’s extraordinarily flexible approach to virtual reality gaming will give us the chance to instantly switch between games, change the length of games, or combine arenas for twice the play space throughout the day,” adds MindTrek co-founder Brad Wurtz. “It’s the type of model that attracts repeat business and allows us to scale to demand on an hour-by-hour basis, which is attractive to us as operators.”

Meet Zero Latency at the DEAL Expo Dubai and DEAL Live by blooloop

DEAL live by blooloop zero latency vrPioneering multiplayer VR gaming company, Zero Latency, has announced its first showcase event in the Middle East at DEAL Dubai.  Firmly committed to growing its presence in the Middle East, Latency is a Gold Sponsor of DEAL Live by blooloop.

As such, the company is giving away TEN passes to DEAL Live by blooloop on a first come, first served basis – click here for details.

“Our participation in the DEAL show and DEAL Live by blooloop is essential to reach the right partners to help us enter this market,” added Cooney.

DEAL Live by blooloop on Sunday March 26th is the must-do pre-show event of the conference. Featuring top speakers and fantastic networking, DEAL Live by blooloop will be highlighting the key trends and developments that are currently shaping the industry in the MEA Region.

Meet the Zero Latency team at Stand 4-D68, DEAL, Dubai World Trade Centre, 27th-29th March 2017.

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