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Mobaro Park Implements Safety and Maintenance System at Heritage GB’s The Needles


Mobaro Park has announced the successful implementation of their digital safety and maintenance system at Heritage GB’s The Needles – Landmark Attraction on the Isle of Wight, UK.

The Needles attraction includes a chairlift to the beach and other family rides, all in the spectacular setting of the iconic chalk stacks of Alum Bay.

The initial implementation is now live on the rides with food, beverage and retail set to come on stream imminently, following engineering and operations.

“We held yet another very efficient session in co-operation with the team at the Needles. When embarking on a digital shift, it is always important that the client is ready to make the move – in organisation and in safety and maintenance procedures. And at the Needles it was smooth sailing in Alum Bay, ” says Mobaro Park’s Director, Parks & Attractions, David Bromilow.

Mobaro implements safety and maintenance software at Heritage GB's The Needles - Landmark Attraction on the Isle of Wight

The Needles is the second system implementation in the UK for Mobaro Park, with others underway worlwide as attractions become increasingly aware of the benefits of going digital. 

And Mobaro Park has a new version of their system coming soon – something for the attractions industry to look forward to!

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