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Powersoft transforms the entertainment experience with MeMo

Powersoft MeMo

Powersoft, the Italian amplifier specialist, invites users to pimp their seat with MeMo, a high performance, ultra-low frequency transducer amplifier bundle for the home cinema and gaming markets.

Powersoft MeMoPowersoft is pleased to present MeMo, innovative technology that can add a new layer of sound to the entertainment experience – one that can be felt. The new product bundle features a tactile transducer and a matched amplifier platform that can deliver sounds that extend well below sub-harmonic frequencies.

MeMo will be able to create a more immersive experience, transporting users into the centre of the action.

Powersoft introduces MeMo

MeMo does not require a complex set-up process and has multiple mounting options. It can be secured to any gaming chair with ease or added to a favourite seat to create an immersive TV, film or music experience by using haptic perception.

Powersoft MeMoThe system includes three convenient presets to help users select the audio set up that suits them. Gamers will enjoy more realistic and timely feedback thanks to the professional Class D amplifier which can reduce resonating frequencies between 20 and 40 Hz, for an extra advantage over the competition.

Those who enjoy racing games will also benefit from the patented moving magnet transducer, allowing them to feel the road under their virtual seat. Meanwhile, cinema fans can use MeMo to bump the frequency around 50 Hz and enhance the subharmonic content around 25 Hz. In addition, the preset for music content has a small bump between 60 and 80 Hz to enhance the experience.

MeMo can reproduce those frequencies that are often lost when using headphones, or watching a movie at home, deepening the experience and creating bass-heavy sounds without resorting to turning up the volume and disrupting others nearby.

Earlier this year, Powersoft announced that it has achieved EN 54-16 certification, meaning that its amplifiers can be used in Public Address and Voice Alarms (PAVA) systems.

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