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Swamp Motel launches virtual live experience The Mermaid’s Tongue

the mermaid's tongue swamp motel

Swamp Motela creative agency and production house in the immersive sector, has launched a new innovative live experience called The Mermaid’s Tongue, a follow-up to Plymouth Point.

From the team behind interactive detective experience Plymouth Point, The Mermaid’s Tongue incorporates live immersive theatre with escape rooms.

The Mermaid’s Tongue, which combines theatre, mystery and thrills, is inspired by true crime and the realities of lockdown life amid COVID-19.

It is designed to be enjoyed virtually, and begins with audiences and their teammates taking part in an online life-drawing class.

Theatre, mystery and thrills with Swamp Motel

However, a spilled secret quickly sends participants to a murky underworld. Each group of detectives must hack into an art gallery CCTV, outbid an art dealer in a live auction, and decipher messages from beyond the grave.

Every click, log-in, call or code immerses players deeper in the mystery as they attempt to find the artefact, which falls into the wrong hands.

“We’re excited to unleash Mermaid’s Tongue to the world,” said founders and creative directors of Swamp Motel, Clem Garritty and Ollie Jones.

“With the mad, sad and strange events of 2020 we got to thinking: what we really love, ultimately, is expressing new narratives to audiences and subverting their expectations along the way.

The Mermaid’s Tongue is inspired by true crime

mermaids tongue swamp motel
Swamp Motel

“People weren’t able to leave their houses, they were using video-call constantly, so our challenge became: how do we make that exciting and can we use the internet as a new platform for us – as experience makers – to engage audiences?

“As we quickly discovered – there were endless ways to get theatrical – and we’re now so very excited to welcome audiences to our latest Swamp Motel creation.”

Swamp Motel is an award-winning creator of immersive experiences, working in the UK and around the world. Over the last three years, the company has created experiences for the stage, screen and live events in London, New York and Sydney.

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