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thejuice to distribute new 4K ride film Delta Zero

thejuice Delta Zero 4K ride film

thejuice, interactive attractions and film specialist, has announced the signing of an exclusive deal to distribute a new 4K ride film. Delta Zero is now available for immediate licensing.

The film uses the latest 4K technology with 60 frames per second. It can be viewed in multiple formats including flat screen 4D, flying theatre, dome theatre and widescreen format. It is also available in HD. The film provides a complete experience with a huge range of effects written into the storyline. In fact, viewers will be able to enjoy a massive 105 effects including seat vibrations, ticklers, splashes, smoke, heat, wind and aroma!

A deep-space adventure

Filmgoers can enjoy an exciting immersive experience thanks to this new 4K ride film. Set in a remote part of the Galaxy, out in Hyperspace, Base Zero has received a distress beacon. The signal is coming from its mining planet, but nobody knows why. Delta Squadron is assigned on a mission to investigate the call, and viewers find themselves taking on a role as a key member of the rescue team. Film-goers will experience an action-packed ride into deep space and across far-flung galaxies. They will be firmly inside the action as they dodge asteroid fields and take part in epic space battles. Viewers are bound to be on the edge of their seats as they take on aliens and prepare to save civilisation.

Pauline Quayle, Director of thejuice commented, “We are particularly excited to sign Delta Zero as we have not seen a ride film to this standard of quality in the market place before and feel there is scope for great opportunities for additional revenue streams with this film”

Other films in thejuice’s portfolio include the award-winning Time Out and an immersive adventure featuring the characters from popular TV show Max Adventures

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