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The VOID to launch Wreck It Ralph VR experience

ralph breaks vr

US-based tech company, The VOID has partnered with Lucasfilm to create five new VR experiences based on Disney and Marvel IPs.

The Virtual Reality (VR) start-up has partnered with ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment division.

The first experience will be launched before the end of the year, and will be based on Disney’s upcoming movie “Ralph Breaks the Internet”, from the Wreck-It Ralph franchise. The next will be based on a Marvel movie.

Curtis Hickman, The Void’s founder and chief creative officer, said: “Very fundamentally we ask ourselves what are places people have always wanted to step into and be a part of, but were never possible before. Disney and Marvel have a lot of worlds that people want to step into that work well with our technology.

“As the medium grows and is understood and the demand continues to expand, the platform itself is going to expand.

“We are building things that are more and more real, in animation and visual effects and multimedia. There’s almost nothing that you discard right from the start.”

Writing in Fast Company, journalist Yasmin Gagne notes: “Recent attempts at creating “mixed-reality experiences” for the home, including Magic Leap, have garnered breathless coverage before largely falling flat, and while VR headsets are available for individuals to purchase, they have yet to be adopted by the mass market.

“So far, only companies like The Void have been able to deliver fully immersive experiences by adding 4-D elements like temperature changes, wind, mist, and smells for a mass audience, tapping into a growing appetite for immersive group experiences”

Last year, The VOID brought a Star Wars themed, hyper-reality experience – Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire – to the UK, opening in London in December 2017.

While the near future for VR looks bright for now, as technology evolves there is a consensus is that it will meet a demise with the rise of AR.

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Michael Mander

Michael Mander

I am a journalist from Essex, England. I enjoy travelling, and love exploring attractions around the world. I graduated from Lancaster University in 2018. Twitter @michael_mander.

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