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VR LBE comes of age: SPACES reveals Terminator attraction

Spaces VR announce Terminator Genisys

Virtual reality is coming of age as the rising star of immersive location based entertainment as SPACES announce a new Terminator VR attraction.  

Developers are racing to dominate the immersive new world of VR.  VR is set for phenomenal growth within the industry with a five year CAGR of 40.4 percent.

It has just been announced that The Void will expand to nine new locations across the US.  The Void launched their Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire VR experience last year.

Zero Latency is also rolling out their successful Outbreak Origins VR zombie shooter worldwide.

Now SPACES is set to join the market with a Terminator branded VR experience.  Brad Herman and Shiraz Akmal initially worked at DreamWorks but left in 2016 to form their own start-up. The venture is backed by Comcast Ventures and VR Fund amongst others. Last year, additional investment was announced, alongside a $30 million commercial partnership with Chinese theme park operator Songcheng.

Terminator Genisys: Time Machines is a backpack-based system featuring outstanding immersive and interactive effects, alongside high scores and video recording.

SPACES claim their experience is a step above what’s currently available at similar setups from other immersives.

“Being first to market has never been important,” said Akmal, CEO of SPACES, in an interview with Upload. “What’s been important is being best to market or as close as we can get to that.”

Full-body tracking and environmental effects

SPACES Terminator transforms the player into a cyborg. The ‘transformation process’ scans players’ faces and puts them on the traditional metal machine skeleton. This allows players to identify one another. Full-body tracking allows players to interact. They are then sent on a mission to save the future from Skynet.

“With something like ‘Terminator’ you have a pre-conceived notion of how serious this is going to be, but it is really what you make of it,” said Akmal. “What we see mostly is people tend to be themselves.”

The experience ups the level of interactivity usually seen in VR, including environmental effects such as wind, and haptics alongside fully tracked objects.

“We want to push the boundaries of what’s possible with entertainment,” says Brad Herman in a statement. “We build SPACES attractions with the goal of taking guests on adventures with friends that they will never forget.” He says that with Terminator, the team has created “a special blend of physical props, dynamic movement, and environmental effects for a social experience that fans will not only love but will want to experience again and again.”

Locations for Terminator around the world will be announced soon. “We’re going to issue a small number of special invitations to registered fans across the globe,” said Akmal.

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