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3D/4D Cinema: News from nWave – Dinosaurs, Turtles, Trading Cards and Great Apes


News from nWave, the world leader in 3D cinema production and distribution.

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Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia 3D at Cedar Fair

nWave Pictures Distribution is proud to announce that from April 2012, Dinosaurs 3D is set to open in several Cedar Fair theme parks.  With newly upgraded 3D screens and the very latest high quality technology from RealD, the film brings the dinosaurs of Patagonia to life.


Turtle Vision in 4D at Birmingham SEALIFE

nWave Turtle Vision 4D cinema at Birmingham SEALIFE

Merlin Entertainment’s SEALIFE aquarium in Birmingham, UK, mark their 2012 Turtle Fest event with Turtle Vision in 4D.  Turtle Fest celebrates the brand new turtle rescue centre in Greece, funded by SEALIFE visitors.


Turtle Vision Trading Cards


nWave turtle vision trading cards

Educational trading cards have been created to complement the Turtle Vision 3D film.  Until the end of August 2012, the next 250 people who go to nWave’s Facebook page and click “like” will receive one collectible Turtle Vision card.


The Last of the Great Apes

Coming in 2013, The Last of the Great Apes is currently in production.  For more information please contact Janine Baker.

nWave 3D cinema last of the great apes coming soon


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