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Alterface presents new vision and management team

Alterface management team 2020

Alterface, a leader in interactive technology, has announced its new management team alongside its vision for the future.

Alterface is pleased to announce its newly appointed management team, as well as its goal to make interactive technology accessible for everyone to enjoy. While the team shares the same challenges as others in the industry as a result of COVID-19, it is looking ahead with a positive mindset.

Founder and previous CEO, Benoit Cornet, stepped down from his position as Chairman of the Board to follow a new direction. CEO Stéphane Battaille and the whole Alterface team would like to wish him the very best, as well as thanking him for his dedication to the company over the years.

New management team

Battaille is now supported by Etienne Sainton for Product Management, Laurence Beckers as Creative Director, CIO Gillian Basso, François Danhaive for Program Management and Olivier Noel as CFO.

He was appointed to the role of CEO earlier in 2020 and before this was serving as COO and shareholder. Battaille takes a hand-on approach to the company’s projects and has a degree in system engineering and biomechanics. He created the first mixed-media interactive ride for all LEGO Discovery Centres and Maus au Chocolate at Phantasialand in Germany.

Battaille’s goal is for the Alterface team to make its technology more accessible, so that more people can enjoy its unique attractions, from small theatres to larger rides.

“Vendors and ride manufacturers can broaden their offering by plugging our interactive technology into dark or water rides, roller coasters and theatres,” he says. “Park owners get easier access to affordable media-based rides with high throughput and ROI. And guests can enjoy a broader spectrum of immersive experiences. So it’s a win-win for everyone!”

Alterface rides

A strong team

Beckers, the new Creative Director, has more than 18 years of experience in creative industries and works at the intersection of art, science and technology. She was part of the team behind the Bayliszek ride in Legendia, Poland as well as the first non-linear Erratic Ride, Popcorn Revenge in Walibi Belgium. Both received a Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement as affordable family ride.

“It’s been a great pleasure to create the Popcorn Revenge ride with the cute yet cheeky popcorn characters, shaping them in 3D digital format but also in print for the ride decor and for merchandising purposes,” says Beckers.

Basso became Alterface’s CIO in summer 2019, bringing his Master’s Degree in Interactivity and a Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence. He has participated in research programmes at the Louvain University, led by Alterface, researching Augmented Reality and park visitor experiences.

“I want to ensure Alterface stays at the forefront of interactive technology so we can offer the most innovative user-centric attractions, immersing visitors in a world of magic and fun,” says Basso.

Before taking on the role of  Supervising Product Management, Sainton worked for Alterface as a Software Engineer for many years and has a passion for theme parks. He was part of the team behind the Erratic and simulation technology for Popcorn Revenge, as well as the Justice League interactivity at Six Flags parks in the US.

“We divided our technology offering into five modules to fuel an attraction with interactivity. A recent example of successful integration is Cup Fusion in Hersheypark by Sally and Raven Sun with our interactive game detection and shooting technology, featuring the most targets in the world,” says Sainton.

Five interactive modules

These five interactive modules are:

  • Creation for design, gameplay, storytelling and media
  • Interactivity with detection and shooting systems, interactive media and content
  • Technology for show control, ride & vehicle management, AV & technical design
  • Project Management for production, installation and training
  • Maintenance

“The recognition of Alterface rides the past years with high- level awards has led to an increased interest in interactive attractions,” says Battaille.

“We now want to make this more accessible to parks and manufacturers by offering them interactive technology building blocks. This will help the industry and our customers to address future challenges and keep entertaining families with new immersive experiences. We invite everyone to come and talk to us about ideas to develop exciting attractions together.”

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