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BrushBoarding™ Interactive Board Sports Attraction at Airkix Indoor Skydiving Centre, UK


Innovative attraction of BrushBoarding™ continues to make waves.

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Extreme Sports Zone Ltd UK continues to make waves with their unique interactive board spBrushBoarding" Interactive Board Sports Attraction at Airkix Indoor Skydiving Centre,  UK orts attraction, BrushBoarding™.

BrushBoarding will be one of the hottest new activities to try at the brand new Airkix Indoor Skydiving centre at The Leisure Park in Basingstoke UK, which is set to open in June 2013. The family entertainment centre will be the newest site of BrushBoarding and is set to becoming the latest craze in interactive attractions on the market.

The success of BrushBoarding is continuing in Ireland with the Mountain Dew Energy mobile event Brush Ramp that has already engaged thousands of onlookers and riders alike. The Mountain Dew Energy Brush Ramp will be attending major sporting events in the coming months like the International Surf and Music Festival ‘Sea Seasons’ June 21st to 23rd held in Donegal. The Dew team will be on hand to get you on board and make sure it energizes and rocks the experience.

Kyle Dent creator and founder of BrushBoarding state’s “As a SME based in the UK, we are looking forward to working with the team at Airkix in the future and will continue to support our brand partners in Ireland. I have to thank the team for their dedication and on reaching another milestone for the product and business. I know they are looking forward to getting BrushBoarding into other leisure related facilities and establishing new brand partnerships in markets outside Ireland as our grass roots interactive attraction is adopted”

To find out more information about the new sport of BrushBoarding go to:

About BrushBoarding

Extreme Sports Zone Ltd UK (ESZ) and BrushBoarding International Pty Ltd Australia (BBI) hold the exclusive patents and IP for the BrushBoarding product globally. The goal and business structure of these companies is dedicated to the global growth of its unique, fitness and sports related attraction called BrushBoarding™. ESZ and BBI is focused on creating a network business partners so that BrushBoarding™ can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people of all ages on every level. BrushBoarding™ creates safe, fun, memorable experiences while encouraging a healthier lifestyle through the participation in the associated sport. ESZ and BBI intend to share this positive sense of achievement with as many people as possible globally as the product and associated sport advances over the coming decades.
The company is focused on installing Brush Ramps into activities centers, holiday parks, family entertainment centers, shopping malls etc. which will see our loop marketing campaign drive this unique attraction and business forward.

Launched and tested in the UK market, BrushBoarding™ incorporates all board sports of surfing, snow boarding and skateboarding, by creating a unique riding experience. It is a proven and safe product that allows the riders and spectators to enjoy such sports in any location. The Brush Ramps are easy to install and Extreme Sports Zone offers turnkey solutions for permanent installations, as well as mobile designs for events.
Please contact the team if you would like images or would like to discuss this with Kyle Dent.

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