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Chester Zoo’s “Islands” Development Taking Shape


Chester Zoo has released renderings of the most ambitious project to be undertaken by a British zoo.

Chester Zoo’s  £30 million “Islands” development  is detailed as a  “conservation expedition” and the experience is expected to  introduce zoo visitors chester zoo sumatra tiger to the unique  fauna of the islands of Southeast Asia, including Sumatra, Sulawesi  and Papua New Guinea.

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Designed to highlight the zoo’s conservation work and introduce visitors to animals such as the Indonesian Rhinoceros, the  Indonesian Wrinkled Hornbill, the Saltwater Crocodile, the Sumatran Tiger and the Visayan Warty Pig, the Zoo will break ground on the project this Autumn and expect the new area to open to the public by Easter 2015.

“Our wildlife expedition will be based on real life, real people and real stories and will be unlike anything seen in a UK zoo. It’s big, it is ambitious and there will be nothing else like it in the UK and indeed on an international scale, ” said Dr Mark Pilgrim, Director General of Chester Zoo.

Navigating the “Islands” by boat or on foot and discovering tropical forests , mangroves swamps and bamboo, zoo visitors will be taken on a richly immersive, engaging and highly themed journey.

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