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Dynamic Attractions Unveil New SFX Coaster™ at AAE Beijing


Innovative new ride with four engineering advances synchronized with advanced media

Dynamic Attractions have unveiled the new SFX Coaster™ at the Asian Attractions Expo, Beijing.

The SFX Coaster™ has been developed over years by a multi-disciplinary team including structural engineers, film makers and technicians.  This dark ride with a narrative is a high-speed, catapult launch coaster, incorporating new coaster movement elements synchronized with high definition, immersive sound and visual presentations.

Commenting on the ride development, Dynamic Attractions' President, Peter Schnabel, said, “It was unusual to have these dramatically different disciplines together in the same room.  But we found that their ideas challenged each other. The results are innovations that are year’s ahead of the industry.”

The SFX Coaster™ brings together the following ground breaking engineering innovations for the first time in one ride:

  • The Gyro Table™ allows the vehicle and the section of track below it to rotate 360° whilst rocking up and down
  • Dynamic Attractions Unveil New SFX Coaster™ at AAE BeijingWith Side-Slide™ the vehicle drops perpendicular to the direction of travel
  • The vehicle free falls and lifts up again with Track Drop™   
  • Tilt & Drop™ causes the track to tilts up and down in a seesaw motion

Schnabel concludes: “Thrill-seekers want more than just a train on a track.  We’ve combined spectacular storytelling and eye-popping special effects with the most technically advanced ride. This has the amusement industry’s top draws, dark rides and roller coasters, in one unbelievable experience. It is the first of its kind in an entirely new category of rides.”

The world’s first SFX Coaster™ is already under development, with an announcement expected from a well-known theme park later in 2014. 

Dynamic Attractions have revealed details of five innovative new rides including the SFX Coaster™ at the AAE.

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