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RHETROACTIVE Design Provides Concept and Master Plan for New CCTV Theme Park, Haining


RHETROACTIVE Design, a joint-venture partnership between LA experience strategy firm RHETROACTIVE, Inc. and Hong Kong-based, architectural firm, LWK & Partners, Ltd., has completed the concept design and master plan for the Dreamland Factory Theme Park & Resort.

This is the first significant project for the new experience design consultancy partnership, who have worked with China Central Television (CCTV) to create the plans for the new 25-acre new theme park in Haining.  CCTV is the major state television broadcaster in mainland China with over 45 channels reaching more than one billion viewers.

Dreamland Factory Theme Park & Resort, set to break ground later this year, will include 41 attractions as well as a 200 room hotel, a retail district and a cultural village.  

 RHETROACTIVE Design New CCTV Dreamland Factory Theme Park in Haining

Commenting on the project, Tim Rheault, Director of RHETROACTIVE Design, said, "We're incredibly excited to work with CCTV to build a world-class resort, with industry-leading attractions that represent the vibrant culture of China.  With Disney and Universal opening parks in mainland China, it’s only natural that a native media brand like CCTV join the party. We've created a truly whimsical experience that celebrates the creation of entertainment for all of the people of China.”

As well as being inspired by the rich cultural history of Haining and greater China the theme park will include characters and stories like Winx Club and Huntik from Italy-based Rainbow, Srl., and IPs from SkyNet Brand Management’s portfolio, eg Teddy Bear Collection and Boobooto.  

 RHETROACTIVE Design New CCTV Dreamland Factory Theme Park in Haining

Former SVP of 20th Century Fox Consumer Products, Robert Marick, played a key role in putting together the IP stakeholders on the project.  

Dreamland Factory Theme Park & Resort is to be built on a former factory site which will be transformed into a colourful factory town, home to the eccentric owner and creator of stories, the “Dream Catcher”.  

The theme park will featuring lands themed around Fantasy, Adventure, Nature, Play and Creation, each with unique rides, shows and attractions which will also give visitors an insight into some of the real world techniques used to create television, film and animation.

 RHETROACTIVE Design New CCTV Dreamland Factory Theme Park in Haining

The focal point of the theme park will be an original factory building surrounded by a stage and lagoon hosting daytime and nighttime performances.  

 RHETROACTIVE Design New CCTV Dreamland Factory Theme Park in Haining

The performance area is adjacent to a major new factory-themed complex in  which will be based the Rainbow Animation Academy and Studio Tour.  The theme park will also include Winx and Huntik rides which will be updated versions of those at Rainbow Magicland in Rome.  Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Lenzi, has cited the project as one of the successful outcomes from his visit to China to promote cultural exports from Italy.

 RHETROACTIVE Design New CCTV Dreamland Factory Theme Park in Haining

Steve Trowbridge, Director of RHETROACTIVE Design concludes, “On one hand, Dreamland Factory is about telling stories and entertaining visitors, but CCTV also challenged us to create an experience that gets the guests interacting with the attractions and engaged in the process of creation.  We’ve developed innovative attractions we think will inspire a whole new generation of creators and storytellers.”

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