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Fantawild parks celebrate Labor Day Holiday amid new safety procedures

Fantawild labor day shows

Fantawild Holdings Inc., a leading one-stop solution provider in the theme park industry, celebrated the Labor Day Holiday in China with special events in its parks.

Fantawild Holdings Inc. is pleased to announce that visitors to its parks were able to celebrate China’s recent Labor Day Holiday in a safe and fun way, with special events such as drone shows and themed activities taking place. Since reopening in March, the theme parks have been observing strict new safety procedures to keep visitors safe.

Drone light show featured on TV

For example, at Jinzhou Fantawild Oriental Heritage, guests enjoyed a light show featuring over 300 drones and lasting 13 minutes. Drones flew around one of the parks key attractions, The Plummet, changing formations and colours to create patterns and spell out words. The event was covered by China Central Television (CCTV), marking the second time the park has been featured on this channel.

inzhou Fantawild Park drone show

Meanwhile, Handan Fantawild Oriental Legend held a Chinese-themed carnival with a series of games at night, which reflected the park’s theme of traditional Chinese culture. Many other parks arranged light shows and firework displays to celebrate the holiday too.

Elsewhere, Ningbo Fantawild Oriental Heritage and Qingdao Fantawild Dreamland put on a Boonie Bears Fun Run during the holiday. This was a chance for families to enjoy a healthy outdoor activity together. A display featuring characters from Fantawild’s animation show Boonie Bears took place, and guests could also meet the voice actors behind the popular series.

Boonie Bears Fantawild

Keeping guests safe

All Fantawild theme parks have been observing strict new safety procedures since reopening following the coronavirus pandemic. These allowed visitors to celebrate the holiday safely. For example, advance ticket booking, caps on visitor numbers, social distancing rules, temperature and QR code checks and extra hygiene routines.

The official app, Fantawild Tourism, allows guests to search for information, book tickets, navigate through the parks and pay fees, all without coming into contact with others.

“Fantawild parks will continue to take strict measures in the future to ensure the safety of visitors, and provide them with a constant unique experience in order to best facilitate the recovery of the entertainment and tourism industry,” said the company in a statement.

Following the pandemic, Fantawild theme parks reopened in March and April.

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