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Gröna Lund launches new ride, Monster – King of Roller Coasters

Gröna Lund, an amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden, has launched its greatest attraction ever, Monster – King of Roller Coasters.

grona lund monster king of roller coasters

Gröna Lund has opened its latest ride, an inverted steel coaster called Monster – King of Roller Coasters that sends guests through the theme park at speeds of up to 90km/h.

Gröna Lund started work on an expansion project in 2017, completely refurbishing one third of the park and adding themed environments, restaurants, games and a waterfront boardwalk.

These new attractions, including Monster – King of Roller Coasters, were due to open in 2020 but were delayed by COVID-19.

“We’ve travelled the world for years visiting different amusement parks and trying out hundreds of roller coasters,” said Johan Tidstrand, owner of Gröna Lund.

Gröna Lund’s new inverted steel coaster

“That’s why we proudly, and without exaggerating, can say that Stockholm has now got a world class roller coaster with the premiere of Monster.”

Manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, Monster – King of Roller Coasters is spread across 700m, with the tallest point at 34m above the ground. Two trains can seat 28 riders each.

Coaster elements include a curved drop, zero-g roll, Immelman turn, and two flat spins. Highlights also include a panoramic spiral, horseshoe, camelback and four upside-down moments.

“34 metres up, at the top of the lift hill, the first drop will plunge riders towards the water at 90km/h,” said Peter Osbeck, senior ride manager at Gröna Lund.

“Riders will be upside down no less than four times as Monster soars above Gröna Lund, passing both the Fun House and our ZacSpin coaster Insane.”

Monster reaches speeds of up to 90km/h

The storyline for Monster – King of Roller Coasters is as follows:

“At the time when the subway system in Stockholm was expanding, there were plans for a subway station under the island of Djurgården at the Stockholm waterfront. But suddenly the workers abandoned the construction site, and the station was never finished.

“What really happened in the tunnels deep beneath the surface of Gröna Lund is still unknown, but rumour has it that something lurking in the deep had been awoken. The unfinished station was sealed with concrete and fell into oblivion.

“During the construction of a new roller coaster, Gröna Lund workers discovered the abandoned subway station. It is now being used as a station when boarding the roller coaster, which was named Monster after the myth and urban legend surrounding the old subway station.”

Images: Gröna Lund

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