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Hangzhou Songcheng theme park doles out “lighthearted punishments” to visitors

hangzhou where guests are put in the stocks

Visitors to Hangzhou Songcheng Park in Zhejiang could be “punished” if they don’t wear the park in Song dynasty costumes provided at the park. 

An announcement reported in the South China Morning Post said, “Everyone has the responsibility to pass themselves off as believable character, which can be quite fun.  Everyone can play a role in the story.”

Lighthearted punishments are being handed out to visitors who do not wear the costumes – including being put in the stocks, and having their arms tied.

Song dynasty “police” are on patrol around the park and ready to issue the punishments to disobedient guests.

The promotion is part of the “Back to the Song” event, starting autumn.

The Song dynasty is considered a golden age in ancient Chinese history.

Hangzhou’s Songcheng Group develops and operates both show extravaganza-based and outdoor park-based attractions.

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Michael Mander

Michael Mander

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