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Warwick Castle plans 80 room hotel as part of redevelopment masterplan

warwick castle

Warwick District Council is expecting to be asked to consider plans for a Warwick Castle hotel: but some residents have expressed concern. 

If it is approved by the council, the hotel would be built next to the Knights Village. Knights Village is 28 luxury medieval-style lodges built using traditional timber frames.

Merlin Entertainments owns the castle – which was built by William the Conqueror in 1068.

Merlin Entertainments have held discussions with the local council and heritage groups over their expansion plans, reports the Warwick Courier.  The plans form part of a “masterplan” to develop the castle over the next five to ten years

There are also proposals to renovate rooms in the 39 metre-tall Guy’s Tower into a number of luxury bedroom suites for guests.

A decision on the proposals is expected early next year.

Chairman of the Warwick Society, James Mackay, said: “The castle is certainly considering development of the site. In the view of Warwick Society, it would have to be done very carefully indeed if not to badly damage the character of a very important listed building, an ancient monument and the grounds of it as well.”

Nick Blofeld, of Merlin Entertainments, said: “The hotel is the more contentious part of the masterplan, but everything we’ve put in there are aims and some of them might not happen.”

“We’re thinking that bay nine and ten of the car park are an ideal location because it is sunken and could link in with the facilities at the Knights Village.

“But we will look at the idea in more detail and see if the numbers stack up, and will make a decision within the next 12 months as to whether we progress with it.”

“Merlin want their sites to be resorts, they make no secret about that, and we would like to add at least 40 bedrooms here.”

“This masterplans is an aspiration and is at a very early stage, but I’d rather be honest now and say this is what we want to do.”

Image courtesy of Warwick Castle

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