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Immersive Arts launches with industry-first ride and unique design services

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Immersive Arts, a design firm specialising in realistic, multi-sensory attractions and visitor experiences, is launching at IAAPA Virtual Expo: Asia.

Immersive Arts is pleased to announce that it will be launching into the attractions industry at IAAPA Virtual Expo: Asia, which takes place from 28 – 30 July 2020. The new Orlando-based firm provides a range of attraction design services and will also be providing a sneak preview of its unique patent-pending ride system at the show.

Building on past success

27-year old Josh Cohen, the founder of Immersive Arts, has a strong background in music and digital design, which he is looking forward to building upon with his new venture:

“Designing immersive attractions and experiences is quite similar to composing music, in that they both require the layering of fine details in order to make a cohesive piece of work. My success in composing, having placed music in international campaigns for companies including Volkswagen, Bridgestone Tires and NVIDIA, allowed me to launch Immersive Arts.”

The company produces in-house attractions and experiences, providing services and products around the world. Talking about the history of the company, Cohen says:

“I approached many design firms in the initial stages of developing my one-of-a-kind, immersive attraction experience. Quite a few of the firms wouldn’t return my requests for proposal or ignored me on the trade show floors, while others had large, all-inclusive project contracts that simply didn’t provide the services and collaborative approach I was looking for.

“I ended up designing the entire attraction by myself, with the help of an Orlando-area engineering firm. After years of working on various projects, I realized that I could truly innovate the traditional design process within the industry, and offer a much more personalized, flexible experience to clients.”

Focusing on the fine details

“While macro theme design is extremely important and something we work on, the fine details of the overall project are equally necessary,” says Cohen. “Microtheming, illusioneering, and surround-sound audio are only some of the ways that will allow the project to achieve a truly exceptional degree of realism. We use a wide range of design disciplines to enhance the storytelling within a space.”

Ahead of its premiere at this year’s IAAPA Expo in Orlando in November, the company will be offering attendees at IAAPA Virtual Expo: Asia a chance to see its innovative new ride system.

“The ride will offer a high degree of thrill and throughput capacity while utilising a small amount of floor space. This ride system isn’t currently available anywhere in the world, so it will be a true first for the industry,” adds Cohen.

Cohen recently explored the topic of how to enhance guest immersion using audio storytelling in a blog post for Blooloop.

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