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Infinity Falls comes to SeaWorld Orlando

seaworld orlando infinity falls

The river raft ride Infinity Falls, which features the world’s tallest drop, is set to open within the next few weeks at SeaWorld Orlando.

Construction on the eagerly awaited new attraction Infinity Falls, at SeaWorld Orlando, has now finished.  The 67-foot high tower, weighting 41 tons, surrounds a unique vertical lift.  The structure is constructed of ten pre-fabricated segments and combines modern architecture with the effect of ancient ruins.  The construction took five nights to install.

Infinity Falls is set to feature the tallest drop on a river raft ride in the world.

Riders climb into eight-passenger circular rafts and then embark on a South American jungle expedition, riding through a lush rainforest environment that has been inspired by some of the world’s most amazing freshwater ecosystems.  Infinity Falls features dynamic drops and turns alongside interactive water elements. It lets visitors feel as if they are experiencing the full thrill of riding over rapids.  An innovative vertical lift brings rafts to the pinnacle of the 40-foot drop in just over five seconds.  The ride has been designed by Intamin, as Blooloop reported.

Infinity Falls reinvents the river rafting adventure

“We are reinventing the river rafting adventure,” said Brian Morrow, VP Theme Park Experience Design at SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, when the attraction was announced. “These rivers are full of adventure, exotic locations and high thrills. We are going to build the best-in-class river rafting ride, reinventing it for the modern times”.

Infinity Falls forms the centrepiece of a newly themed explorers and scientists area.  It’s designed as a basecamp so families can enjoy interactive edutainment experiences.  The main focus is on creating a positive impact on freshwater ecosystems.  It forms part of SeaWorld’s overall “Park to Planet” mission, aiming to help guests understand some of the challenges facing the earth, and to inspire them to help.

The park has not yet announced an opening date for Infinity Falls but it’s expected to launch in the next few weeks.

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