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Jora Vision Start Working for Anapa Theme Park in Russia


Jora Vision signed a contract with the Russian company “Entertainment Industry” Ltd. to start working on Anapa Theme Park. Anapa Theme Park will be a new park in Russia of 10 hectares. A team of 14 designers and developers from Jora Vision take up a big challenge: Anapa Theme Park will be the first themed theme park from Russia. Jora Vision will be responsible for the development of the master plan and theming design.

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Anapa Theme Park

Since Anapa is mainly known as a family holiday destination, hundreds of thousands of families with kids visit Anapa annually. This beautiful destination is the place to create and develop new entertainment for these families. Anapa Theme Park will be equipped with a numerous rides (from kids attractions to dark rides), but also with food & beverage locations and gift shops.

Jora VisionDuring the development of the master plan and theming design, the Jora Vision team takes the climatic and landscape specificity of Anapa Black Sea coast into account. The design of the park will be based on stories in and around the Black Sea. The area around the Black Sea has a rich history of cultures and civilizations, and will serve as inspiration for the park.

Both companies cannot wait to start work together. Jan Maarten de Raad, Jora Visions CEO commented: “We are very proud to sign the contract with the Entertainment Industry Ltd. and start working together. We both have one common goal: to create a unique Theme Park in Russia. We cannot wait”. Also in Russia they are happy with this cooperation:

”The establishment of such a park has both economical and strategically value for our company in particular and Anapa in general as it will attract even more guests to our seacoast city. Our choice for a partner in production of the park was not random. We took into account Jora Vision’s great experience in theme design and the well coordinated team., ” – commented Valeriy Zirinov, CEO of “Entertainment Industry” Ltd.

About Jora Vision
Jora Vision is a leading company in the European and Asian leisure industry. The team consists of more than 70 creative employees who work together to design and realize spectacular projects for Theme Parks, Zoos and Recreation destinations. The company works for Adventure World Warsaw, Walibi Parks, Efteling, Vulcania, Kolmarden Zoo Sweden, Tivoli Denmark, Wuhan Zoo China and amongst others.

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