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Lagotronics’ 3D GameChanger Ride Premieres at Shimao’s Max Wonder Park


Interactive experience specialist, Lagotronics Projects, has announced the premiere of its GameChanger ride in Shimao's Skyscraper City, Shishi.

The 12-metre rotating 3D gaming platform has been installed in the complex's indoor theme park, Max Wonder Park.

Lagotronics' first-of-its-kind ride concept was first launched to the industry in July. This version, named 'Max Ranger', features seven groups of four-seats and six game scenes.

Lagotronics' 3D GameChanger Ride Premieres at Shimao's Max Wonder Park

Guests board a vehicle on a revolving platform and, after every turn, they play a 3D game.

Installed on the vehicle are a fantasy shooter and score monitor for each player. The on-screen action is enhanced with a range of special effects, including wind, sounds and vibrations. At the end of the ride, players can compare their performance with the other guests on an overall score board.

Lagotronics' 3D GameChanger Ride Premieres at Shimao's Max Wonder Park

Throughput for 'Max Ranger' is 320 visitors per hour but the designers say that configurations for up to 1000 people are possible.

Lagotronics Projects, based in the Netherlands, began as a pioneering audio and lighting company. Today, the multi-disciplinary team creates interactive experiences for theme parks, museums, amusement parks and shopping malls.

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