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Lagotronics Projects presents new dark ride at Wild & Freizeitpark Klotten

Kunibert's Abenteuer Lagotronics

Lagotronics Projects, the media-based attractions specialist, has announced a new interactive dark ride at Wild & Freizeitpark Klotten, called Kunibert’s Abenteuer.

Lagotronics Projects is pleased to present its latest interactive dark ride project, Kunibert’s Abenteuer at Wild & Freizeitpark Klotten in Germany. The ride, with its ghostly castle theme, takes guests on an adventure that is new every time.

Kunibert’s Abenteuer is based on a German legend and follows Kunibert the knight as he embarks on a quest to prove himself, while 64 ghosts of his ancestors and friends prepare a ball at the castle in his honour.

Kunibert's Abenteuer Lagotronics Projects

Kunibert’s Abenteuer

Guests will be able to interact with the concept during the experience, using a special interactive matchstick to light candles throughout nine different scenes by hitting targets along the way. They will have to work together to light as many candles as possible and collect points.

As a reward, black light scenes will appear with ghosts, scenery and special effects – and the more points they score, the more they will see. The final scene sees all the ghosts having fun at the ball on Kunibert’s return. Riders will also witness the knight’s return on horseback through a castle window as they leave the ballroom, created with a video projection using a laser projector and a transparent projection screen.

Lagotronics Projects were responsible for designing and delivering the whole ride, from concept and storyline development to the final install with show equipment, media and theming.

Lagotronics Projects Kunibert's Abenteuer

Immersive experience

The storyline itself was designed by the company’s creative director, with voice actors recording the action as it unfolds. This audio, along with the sound effects of the interactive matchsticks, is played out from the vehicles’ speakers, placing riders in the midst of the story. Plus, speakers located along the track play background music throughout, which is triggered by the position of the vehicles as they advance through the scenes.

As guests wait for the ride, they can see previous scores, as well as the storyline, presented on two screens. In addition, a monitor at the station shows the rules and safety measures. Before starting the experience, visitors also enjoy a short pre-show scene, where they can practice using their interactive devices to bring four paintings to life, revealing ghosts.

During the ride, each guest is able to see their own personal score, and they can then compare with friends and family when they see the live score monitor after the ride, and perhaps return to try and beat their high score.

Earlier this year, Lagotronics Projects also announced a new project at Kaisa Golden Bay Resort – a multi-level Interactive VR Speeder Ride, featuring an exciting mission that must be solved by teamwork.

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