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Lagotronics Projects has US patent granted for GameChanger

Family playing Lagotronics Game Changer

Lagotronics Projects, the media-based attractions specialist, has announced that the US patent application for its new ride concept has been granted.

Lagotronics is pleased to announce that the US patent has been granted for its innovative GameChanger concept. This rotating interactive dark ride is the first of its kind in the leisure industry and was first seen in action at Shimao’s Max Wonder Park in China. The company also used the GameChanger concept for the new Smurfs themed ride at Shimao’s Dream City in Shanghai.

The company already holds the patent for GameChanger in the Netherlands and has pending applications in other regions too. GameChanger allows for endless possibilities in set-ups and gameplay.

Patent Lagotronics GameChanger

Providing new experiences

“After having been awarded several patents for our unique Interactive technology and devices, the GameChanger is the first complete attraction Lagotronics Projects has received a patent for,” says CEO Mark Beumers.

“Our company is and has always been focussed on developing and providing the best technology and experiences to our customers. Receiving this patent, especially in the US, is such a great recognition for all our people and the effort they put into the design of this attraction.”

GameChanger Lagotronics

GameChanger is a turnkey ride concept which includes the ride system, interactive technology, audio, video, lighting, special effects and theming. It is ideal for a range of entertainment venues, from theme parks and FECs to retail developments. This is because it has a small footprint, while also boasting a high capacity. While the space required starts at only 36 square metres, it can entertain from 225 up to 900 visitors every hour.

It also encourages repeat play thanks to the different outcomes and possibilities as well as the integrated scoring system. Guests can view their scores and compete to reach the top of the leaderboard.


The ride features a rotating platform that takes guests through a series of interactive media scenes, where they can enjoy fun and challenging games. Depending on the space and configuration, it provides from 4 to 8 media scenes per ride, with 2 – 8 players per section. As they progress through the story, riders also experience wind, fog, vibrations and more.

The GameChanger offers high ROI as well as being a powerful marketing tool, as players can share scores on social media, and operators can even organise special gaming events between different locations.

Lagotronics Projects is also working on a drop tower with interactive technology for The Smurfs Village at Dream Island in Moscow. Gargamel’s Tower will invite guests to help save the Smurfs using interactive magic wands.

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