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Mirage Entertainment’s New Stunt Show at Jaya Ancol Dufan Theme Park, Indonesia


The ever-ending adventure: Treasureland  Temple of Fire!

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The latest entry in Mirage Entertainment’s 15 year relationship with Jaya Ancol Dufan theme park in Jakarta, IndonesMirage Entertainments  New Stunt Show,  Treasureland  Temple of Fire!,   at Jaya Ancol Dufan Theme Park,  Indonesiaia, is the exciting new “Treasureland, Temple of Fire” stunt show.

Written and produced by the Mirage Entertainment creative team, “Treasureland” follows the adventures of an intrepid archaeologist and his team in a quest to uncover the magical artifacts of an ancient jungle temple against rival mercenaries and native guardians.  With a cast of 12 performers, the show features spectacular stunts, over 70 special effects, and a lush, impressive set with a functional WWII fighter plane replica.  It runs all through the year and is expected to draw an audience of 3 million.      

Of course, the production has not gone off without its challenges.  During final preparation and rehearsals, the park was closed and the local roadways swamped by the worst Indonesian flood in 20 years.  But, as the saying goes, the show must go on!  Through extraordinary effort and perseverance, the Mirage team worked round the clock to get things back on track.  “Luckily, ” according to Mirage executive, Bob O’Neil, “we managed to have the show running by the day after the park re-opened.”     

Demonstrating the ability to come through under extraordinary circumstances, Mirage looks forward to maintaining its long time association with Jaya Ancol well into the future.

Mirage Entertainments  New Stunt Show,  Treasureland  Temple of Fire!,   at Jaya Ancol Dufan Theme Park,  Indonesia

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